Boyz in Leather Jackets


544ed9be4dd02With your cunning ways, dressed in leather, you’re a sheep in wolves clothing.

You bay at the moon and show your power, making your statement, you rule the land with your holler.  You run around in packs and look for your prey.  Needless to say, your prey does succumb to your rules, they become your prey.

They will coax you into anything they want, due to the power over the land, and you can’t run or depart for the dialogue he speaks, you believe, with an open heart. You have fallen into his clutches as he deepens them in your emotions, taking a piece of you, he runs with pride and victory, he has made his mark with his short stay.

He puts his leather jacket, his second skin and turns into the wolf that he always was. Howling at the moon with his head thrown back, it’s the way it has always been. A disguise he wears when looking up at his moon.

There is always a cougar, waiting for wolves that run in a pack.  Beware, my friend, in your disguises of leather, Cougars are relentless and will devour your cloak you hide beneath, with a smile and a grin that you wear.   She will expose who you truly are with the growl of her worth, as an entity of all her own.  She roars with her mighty sarcastic snarl, showing your not the only one that can play with one’s standards, of a beautiful beast that had to fight her way to be who she is.

Licking her lips walking so sleek, your demise was so quick and sweet.  She swaggers with pride, she is the ruler of this land, You may have thought you were for a short time but looks who wins.

The one who observes always walks away with pride in their demeanor.  Ones who are boisterous with their ends, always end up in silence.

To the Cougars in life, swagger on.





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