Puppeteer – No Strings Attached

Do you really think if affects me; when you think you have control.  Your outburst of agitation, all this time of learning how to be a good person in this world  It really makes one see, how you have grown.  Not being the first time, I have heard these uttered words of anger and sighs of disgust.  I thought we were on the same page, the same vibration, this proves, I am seeking my levels and achieving them much quicker than I thought I was.

It’s been said I am the only one that makes you feel this way, it’s due to the frequency of teachings that I practice every day.  One must feel when they are beneath the standards of selfless vibration and have a  need to catch up make outburst such as yours.   More teachings and learning must come your way.  Practice.

Dismissal.  Yes.  I definitely can do without it.   You instead of pulling my strings, I learn lessons from you, so who is the real puppeteer.

You say it’s from your heart and feel relieved when said.  Work on your delivery of your delivery, it only hurts you, making it looks like you can’t hold your head.  If it’s your heart it’s coming from; keep it closed.  The world doesn’t need vindictiveness any more than what we behold.

You Learn and You Live.   My life gets enriched by people that keep me tuned in, turned on and give me the power to vibrate in higher capacity.  Another lesson learned,  of what I don’t want.

Sometimes the scales of life are unbalanced. We are just on separate journeys.  Mine, so peaceful and finally know what I want and not changed by something I left, never to want it,  in my new path I choose.

Thank you for the lesson.   I am always open to learning and being reminded of how far I came.

Well done! “Another Good Day”




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