Jumping in Puddles with Shamus

Where have you been,  Shamus?.

When was the last time you jumped in puddles, not caring what neighbors thought,  alone without children, just for you?  To release of the adult you have become, that society, rules, religions, structure, and boundaries of being a correct informed person of this messed up society we live in.

To make your inner child wake up and play.

Everyone in this life seems driven, to what I don’t know. Always saying, “I am so busy this week”, “I don’t have the time, I can’t”,  “I have to do this or that”.

I moved away from the busy New England city I lived.  I left a 25-year-old job, with a small pension, to a quiet little town on an island, in North Carolina.    I stripped myself of everything of value getting as basic as I can.  Purging and donating so much that I could.  I still have more to go.

I envy my friend who moved to Hawaii, uprooted her family, left everything behind to just BE.  Teaching her children, materialist things don’t matter.  How to dig deep and have fun with your imagination and have your inner child grow.  Those children will never forget the life they are living no matter where they are in life.  Probably, they will never leave the ‘Mother Island’

If you have children, you get to do all this over again, but is it for you or for them?  Looking through life through children’s eyes, I believe is the best feeling in the world.  The innocence, the not knowing, the adventure of seeking.

We all have forgotten that element of life, calloused by society, work, the stress of making it to appointments, meetings, and being on time for whatever, and having house pride.

I chose the other life.  Call it a secret, but it has always been there, always to enter, always to step through that door one foot at a time or one giant leap, as I have.

Before moving to my solace, peace of my home, of Southport, NC, I moved to Naples, Florida for ten years.   For the first six months, I did nothing but walked in remote areas, gardens made to be enjoyed, cloud watched making their formations of animals, people’s faces, and when my friend and I saw the same thing in a cloud passing, we got so excited like children. The skies turn blue as the Gulf of Mexico’s water.  Talking to children, and digging for whatever, making pools of water, to jump in.   Frosting castles we made, and the excitement of a wave washing it away, to only to make another one.   Seashell picking was my favorite.  To see what God/Source, has put here for us to seek and find and look at the magic and color of what He has done with his paint brush.

I took my two dogs for a walk.  Getting out of the heat, we sat under a palm tree.  Sitting on the ground with them, I laid down next to them.  Feeling the earth in my hands, I took off my sandals and felt the grass under my feet.  I looked up at the palms and saw life upside down.  I had a feeling of floating, at that very moment just being.  Nothing mattered, just that I was there feeling this feeling.  I never want to let go of.  Maybe this is what children feel when looking up or when laying on the ground.   Pure peace, pure innocence

There was an enormous fountain at the end of the cul-de-sac where we lived.    I had mentioned one day, to my husband,  I would love to go in that fountain one day, under the waterfalls.   He said,  that I never could go in the fountain, due to what people may think, I am an attorney of the State.  Another boundary.   If I were a child, I would just jump in, not thinking of the ramifications, which would probably be not being judgmental for being a child.   I use to drive around that fountain,  several times and wonder if I did jump in and frolic, what would be so bad.

If I were a child, I would just jump in, not thinking of the ramifications, which would probably be not being judgmental for being a child.   I use to drive around that fountain,  several times and wonder if I did jump in and frolic, what would be so bad.

A friend that came to visit, an open-hearted man, told me; “If you want to go in this fountain, you must, or you will never for fill your wants in life.”  Without hesitation, I went in, not caring what people thought in mid-day.  Hoping if someone would drive by they would join me and remember their inner child.

On that day I named my inner-child, why shouldn’t it have a name, it lived within me, and I will nurture it back to its innocence and pure justification of life.

Its name became Shamus.

Shamus continues to walk in warm rains and feel the drop on its face.  Smell and touch every flower, cloud watch and jump in puddles, cloud watch, and feeling green soft grass when looking at life upside down.

Call me crazy, but Shamus makes me happy.

Thank God I found you again, you make life so much simpler and ease my soul when life gets too busy.  I know Shamus is here and I will count on seeing her, and love her.

Note:  The man who put boundaries up in my life, is longer in my life.





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