The Bitchen Pheonix- Who, I AM

Please allow me to introduce myself because you will see me around again.  I have just arisen again with new ambitious ideas, more questions, more researching and needed input for the newly found cloak that I wear.  I am getting the answers I have been searching for at a pace I have never expected.  Oh, lessons, upon lessons. People with answers that I ‘can’ explain this time.

I write, in shadows of despair, and found from my childhood and teenage years, I wrote from heartache, the misfortune of losing people and soulful experiences, as I still write and reflect.  Coming out on the other side, soon.  I have been doing the work it’s just simple little speed bumps that I just keep on holding me back….and now I have the answer to find out why.

I know we have all had our darkest moments but, if you are reading this you have must have seen a spark of light.  The will to hold on and try one more time, again.   I have always wondered what is the purpose of it all.  I have been put down, messed around, skinned so many times I am raw.  You can look at this one way or another.  That you are damaged and cracked and so scraped and beat up, or that you are turned inside out and it’s time to grow a newly found skin.  You can make this one as tough, as gentle, wiser, softer any way you want. I am wearing a new cloak.

I have risen again.

It’s a new chance.  People told me I always run away.   You see, I am running toward the answer because it obviously wasn’t where I was if I left. For now, I am from where I stand and I am getting to know that there are others, just like me.

With keeping with my journey and finding people who I have and haven’t met yet, I have come to this point in my life, where I am going to fly to the only thing that is going to save my soul, that is the truth.  The truth of who I am, and where I have been.

“I  am going to see “Mrs. Moon.”

Thank you,  Gerry Armand Powell, of   I have a

second, third, fourth chance to live my life, in truism and self-worth.

Love you to the Moon, “Mrs. Moon” and back!

The Bitchen Pheonix









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