The Journey of Ayahuasca or a Trip on the LSD

Rather have a Bitchen Journey…then some Small Trip!

The Alternate Root


In all the research I have been doing on Plant Medicine, as you can see Ayahausca I tend to resonate with.   The healing qualities, the soulful experience and the Sacred Journey it “allows” you to have with good “intention.”   In all the websites I have been on; they refer to the experience on Ayahuasca as a ‘trip‘, which belongs to the 60’s.  Why?  Anyone who did Acid, LSD, Micro-dot, and other manmade chemical induce halucenagetics, did trip, the highs were high and the crash was dark and low.   I have been there.  I enjoyed the trip and psychedelics of how creative they made my thinking.

I have ‘never’ experience an attachment of my Soul.  To do this you need a Sacred Ceremony with a Shaman.  It is their ‘brew’ of medicinal plants and not a lab-made pill of chemicals.  Shamans have the ancient practices of their forefathers and…

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