Swipe Left, Swipe Right

Another Great Day, and it’s all Mine.

The Bitchen Phoenix

I really don’t know how to explain this coincidence, or was it.   I will convey it the best I can, so maybe I can understand also.

In the games of this life we live, there isn’t a way at least I believe at my age, to meet someone you at least enjoy their company, let alone have a common ground. I branch out after five years, of being a soul alone, working on myself Spiritually, on a friggin dating site.  As I go through bio’s and pictures, I swipe left; no, no, nope, right, no, come on, you have got to be kidding me, holding a fish, propped up against their GTO, or Harley, at least let him have a presence.  Swipe, left swipe; pause, baseball hat, and that smile. I read, the bio, it spoke to me, although not much said, and then his age, 69.  If this…

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