The Eve

The Bitchen Phoenix



I sit alone, I stand outside…feeling the chill, but oh so warm….
the crunching of leaves beneath my feet, and the smell of pine is in the air, yet
the sun shines so brightly, it warms my hands.
Am I somewhere or nowhere, where ever it is, I am.
It’s a bittersweet feeling….can’t appreciate it in the mindset I have been in, but it sure feels good.
Want to run like a wild horse. Filled with all her ya’ ya’s, and shaking them all out of her mane.
Something holding my spirit down here, it wasn’t supposed to be like this.
My Spirit was crushed before I came….It feels deepened with pain.
So, I run barefoot on top of the crunching leaves, five reindeer run with me, showing me how to run free.
I stop, I watch my breath as if it were my compression of my Spirit leave me.

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